Posted by: Kelsey Avers | February 5, 2010

Covering the College Student Appetite

If college students are searching for ways to eat well without emptying their wallet, they’re likely thinking about it. The transition from the comforts of home with family into living the college life are stressful, especially when a student runs out of that allowance mom and dad gave them to “get situated,” and they have to start figuring out how to prioritize their spending with future paychecks.

So when a student finally breaks down and can’t call mom and dad anymore for some pocket change to hold them over the weekend, they have to start searching online. But what should they search for, exactly? The obvious answer would be to search for cheap college recipes, and that’s fine. But first, they must look at how exactly they are going to afford the ingredients, and the best places to buy them. There are plenty of sites and blogs focused on how to shop smart and budget your weekly earnings such as this article at Associated Content’s web site which offers 12 Tips to becoming a smart grocery shopper. While this site focuses more on how to lower your grocery bill if you’re shopping for more than one or two people, Sylvia over at the Cool Savings Community will help you save money while grocery shopping through her blog on the Cool Savings web site.

The next step is finding which meal you’d like to make after a long day of classes. Frugal for Life is a great blog to see a list of thrifty recipes, accompanied by a breakdown of the cost to make the meals. Also on the blog are low-cost solutions to everyday routines of a college student. For students who use the microwave as their primary means of cooking food, Corporate Microwave is a great blog for you.

The problem with sites like the ones previously mentioned is that they have one primary focus – either recipes or money saving suggestions. That’s what Sushi Taste on a Ramen Budget is for. The blog will be full of variety and choices, from saving money for the recipes you crave to grocery shopping tips and comparisons of markets and grocery stores. I highly encourage my readers to comment with feedback on my posts, but even more so to share their own experiences of being a college student (or college-aged person) trying to live on a small amount of cash but still wanting to eat well. I look forward to teaching you, and learning with you all as well.



  1. And there is always A.C. She is always good for a meal. What about your book I bought you “Where is Mom (but we change that to A.C.) now that I need her?” Does tha have any good recipes for a shoe string budget?

  2. Cool blog! I love the title and the stuff you’re writing about. 🙂 Keep it up!

  3. Great blog! Keep up the great work!!!

  4. Awesome job!!!!

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