Posted by: Kelsey Avers | February 24, 2010

A cheap(ish) grocery trip, and I still got the goodies I crave!

I haven’t made a true grocery trip in a couple of weeks (“true” meaning: really getting a substantial amount of food that is both healthy and fulfilling to my stomach). After a hectic last week and a last minute emergency trip to Southern California over the long weekend, I came home to my fridge being sad and bare. But before I took the 2-minute trip down the sidewalk to my local Safeway grocery store, I looked up their deals.

Yes, that’s right, “looked up the deals.” Many of you may not realize that grocery shopping could suddenly become quicker, faster and of course, cheaper, with a few clicks onto the web site of your nearest grocery store. Usually on the top right or left of the web site are words along the lines of “Daily Coupons” or “Weekly Specials” that you can click on to view digital versions of that stores coupon fliers. These are usually updated every week, and the fliers are nice and informative as to which dates they are valid through, which are either week-long or strictly weekend deals (those are the best ones!)

So I skipped on over to Safeway and grabbed a shopping cart. When you first walk into a grocery store (especially with a shopping cart versus a shopping basket) the number one goal is to not tempt yourself to walk down every aisle, but instead follow your list. I break this rule constantly, and find myself checking out with only half of what I actually intended to buy, the other half being stuff I really don’t need to be buying (an extra large bag of Valentine’s Day candy, for example.) So keep your list in your hand, a pen to mark things off, and your eye on the prize!

I’ve never really “shared” my grocery receipt with people in this way, and I’m not sure why I would even have done that in the past, but in this post I’ll share with you my receipt today, prices/deals included. The list includes the item name, how much I paid for it, the store deal that was going on at the time, and the regular price of the item when it’s not on sale.

List key:
* = In “Weekly Specials” flyer
Green = Generic Brand Items

*Canned Peaches – $1.00 (1 @ 10/$10.00)
*Can of Black Olives – $1.25 (1 @ 4/$5.00) (Regular Price: $1.67)
*Cheez-Its – $2.50 (Regular Price: $3.49)
*Cheetos Puffs – $1.99 (Regular Price: $2.99)
*Lipton Rice/Sauce Sides – $2.00 ($1.00 each)
*Golden Grain Spaghetti Noodles – $2.00 ($1.00 each) (Regular Price: $3.34)
Gatorade – $1.00 ($1.00 each) (Regular Price: $1.49)

Frozen Foods
BBQ Pork Chow Mein – $4.99 (Regular Price: $5.99)
5 Cheese Tortellini – $3.49
Crescent Rolls – $1.99
Banquet Chicken Nuggets – $4.99
Red Baron Pizza Singles – $2.50 (1 @ 2/$5.00) (Regular Price: $3.00)

*Orange Bell Pepper (2) – $3.00 (Regular Price: $5.98)
Granny Smith Apples (2) – $1.69
Celery – $1.99
Minneola Tangelos (3) – $2.86 (Regular Price: $3.82)

General Products
*Arm & Hammer Toothpaste – $1.49 (Regular Price: $2.49)

Total: $40.97 (Saved $11.68 with the Safeway Club Savings Card)

So there it is! Some of the stuff might seem kind of random, but then again, how often do you really look at someone’s grocery receipt?


Are there any items on my checkout list that you’ve found for better deals at other grocery stores? If so, what are they, and which stores?



  1. Yikes! You are in serious need of an A.C. trip to the store! LOL. Where are your leafy greens, and bananas! And Milk! I think I need to come over and make a supplemental grocery trip with you! Or at least let you come over and raid my cupboards! But I have to admit, I should use the coupons more, they are just so much trouble to remember! But proud of you for doing it, and saving where you can.

  2. There is this AWESOME website called like grocery cents or something, I am having my friend that told me get the site. Anyway, she does that and saves hundreds of dollars on groceries a month!! They tell when and what goes on sale at each specific store, and you but the sunday paper (my friend buys 4) and cuts out the coupons and uses them when the things she needs are on sale. I think you should make a blog update about it! Its nation wide and the lady that started it is from Phoenix!

  3. I think it is called

  4. yea – you pay $4 a month but it is so worth it because of HOW much money you save!

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