Posted by: Kelsey Avers | March 7, 2010

“Where’s Mom Now That I Need Her?”

Maybe it’s just me, but I could look through a cookbook for hours, admiring the photos of those yummy casseroles, wishing that I could afford all the ingredients for that mouth-watering Roasted Squash Salad.

Wallet-wise, my prayers have been answered through a book called, “Where’s Mom Now That I Need Her?” It’s a guide to “surviving away from home,” given to me by my aunt when I first moved to San Francisco on my own.

"Mom" is only a few pages away!

This book is the perfect solution for not only college students living on their own, but anyone who moves out of their parents’ humble abode and is looking for a solution to, well, pretty much everything! Chapters are as follows:

1. What Are You Eating? (Know Your Nutrients)
2. Conquering the Grocery Store (Find the Best Food Buys)
3. First Things First (Cooking and Housecleaning Basics)
4. Home is Where the Food is (Recipes You Can Live By)
5. Keeping Up Appearances (Laundry and Clothing Repair)
6. Easing the Pain (Basic First Aid)
7. Just a Cold? Or Pneumonia? (When to See a Doctor)
8. Getting from Here to There (Maintenance and Safe Traveling)

But of course, for the sake of this blog, we shall focus on the food! What I like the most about this book is that it gave me the confidence to go buy items at the grocery store besides the usual microwave dinners and bags of chips, and actually conquer my oven and stove.

Although I’m not a diet-kinda-gal, chapter one is an interesting read. I learned about “Power Packed Proteins” and the science behind how your body stores them, “Good and Bad Fats,” and “Vital Vitamins and Minerals”

Now let’s skip on over to chapter 2, which is where we find out how to spot the best food deals. It begins with tips on making a food budget and a grocery list, including some of the tips I mentioned in my earlier post, “Grocery Shopping Tips and Tricks for College Students.” Reading on, I found out out stuff I should be paying attention to that I would have never given a second thought before, like picking out the perfect egg or really evaluating food labels and serving size information.

Chapter four is where it’s all at in this book! The simple and straightforward recipes are listed in categories: Breakfast, Eggs, Sandwiches, Soups, Salads, Main Dishes, Vegetarian Main Dishes, Side Dishes, Breads, Beverages, Cakes – Pies – Puddings, Cookies and Bars, Candies and Sweet Treats and best of all, recipes for Easy Microwave Cooking.

All of the preparation techniques are provided, as well as blank lines pages at the end of each section for any personal notes or extra recipes you’d like to write down. In the back of the book is an index so you can search for food items instead of the recipes first, which can only lead to bigger and better ideas.

This book is not only perfect for meals for yourself or two people, but large groups also. Hosting a party is made easy with the various recipes for snacks and appetizers, drinks, entrees, and of course dessert. Make this your all-remedy “bible,” and I doubt you’d be looking at directions on a box of frozen pizza anytime soon.


What are some of your favorite cheap, quick-meal cookbooks and why?



  1. Your Aunt sure gives you some good ideas for your Blog doesn’t she!! Lol. But you do have a great Blog! love seeing the updates!

  2. i really want to go out and but this book! This is a good idea thanks kelsey 🙂

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