Posted by: Kelsey Avers | April 26, 2010

Local markets more cost-effective for college students

Jeff Bautista, a frequent customer of New May Wah Asian Supermarket in San Francisco’s Inner Richmond district, talks for a bit about New May Wah Supermarket and why he chooses to shop there while on a grocery budget, versus popular grocery store chains. Read review on New May Wah on Yelp, which has averaged at a positive 4 stars!



  1. […] the Sushi Taste on a Ramen Budget blog comes a short video of former college student Jeff Bautista talking about why he chooses to […]

  2. Hey!

    Just dropping by to say I love the idea for your blog, not to mention its look (there was something slightly familiar about it to me–THANK YOU WordPress themes, haha!).

    I clicked on the link to this video through the Richmond District blog; I was living in San Francisco up until about 5 months ago, and graduated from college only 3 years ago so I know what those ramen days are like (though my noodle of preference was always Sapporo Ichiban… incidentally always purchased at New May Wah, snap!). So I’m enjoying hearing your updates about cheap ways to eat in SF. Keep up the great writing 🙂


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