Posted by: Kelsey Avers | May 19, 2010

Don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere

Hey readers!

First off, I wanted to thank everyone that reads my blog for all of your awesome feedback, comments and views!

This blog was originally a class project where I was to create assigned posts, photography, videos and other multimedia projects. Well, once the class ended last week, I felt kind of lost! I went home that night and cooked myself some homemade potato chips, and soon enough I felt the instant urge to grab my camera are start taking pictures of the cooking process and results. For my entrepreneurship class I had to form a business of my own and present it to a panel, and what do ya know, I based my business right on this blog and all that I try to offer through it.

That’s when I realized how much help this blog has been to me, and I decided I really want to continue posting!
But I regret to inform you that I will be taking a small break of just a week (maybe a week and a couple of days). I just got done with finals after taking 5 classes (ugh!), and I just need a break from it all before I begin 4 summer classes (yes, I know I’m crazy!). But have no fear, I will be back.

For the mean time, please comment and let me know what kind of stuff you would like to see me posting, whether it’s recipes, food facts, saving tips, ANYTHING! What do YOU want to read??? I’m not on a strict assignment-deal anymore, so your feedback is appreciated at its highest right now!!!!



  1. How about some easy low cal cheap snacks!

  2. Keep posting! I could definitely see this blog as an asset to incoming students and residents of San Francisco, alike.

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