“Sushi Taste on a Ramen Budget: The College Student’s Guide to Living, and Eating, on Pocket Change” focuses on ways to live on the budget of a college student living on their own. Posts are ever-changing as I explore how and where to find the best deals by comparing prices on food and everyday items in varying stores and markets.  Just because you aren’t living at home anymore doesn’t mean you have to live off of spaghetti and Top Ramen every day of the week.
This blog will also serve as a sort of self-help for myself. I moved to San Francisco more than one year ago to live on my own for the first time, and I am always trying to find ways to make great breakfast, lunch and dinner without breaking the bank!

Keep coming back to “Sushi Taste on a Ramen Budget” to see affordable and tasty recipes, grocery shopping tips, and share your own feedback and experiences with other readers of this blog. Save on!

Sushi Taste on a Ramen Budget
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